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SEITAN natural, roasted

Heat up some oil (roasted sesame oil) in a frying pan. Roll the SEITAN slices in (cornflour or wholemeal) flour. Roast both sides to crisp. Serve with rice, vegetables and lattice. Well spiced (garlic, pepper and caraway) SEITAN-roast can be served with sauerkraut and dumplings.

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Wholesome SEITAN cutlets

Stir freshly ground spelt flour with water to softdough. Cover the slices of SEITAN with this dough. Slightly press the SEITAN slices on wholemeal crumbs. Fill vegetable oil in a frying pan so that the SEITAN slices can swim, and fry the slices until they are golden brown.
Note : Use up the dough within 15 minutes as it's consistency slowly changes.

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SEITAN spits-roasted

Cut SEITAN and red and green peppers in slices of 3 cm x 3 cm. Halve the mushrooms. Cut two half onions in wide slices. Alternately skewer all these ingredients. Salt, pepper and garlic as desired. Sprinkle some oil on the spits and grill. Serve the spits with corn, peas and rice.
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SEITAN roasted with onions

Cut SEITAN in thin slices. Roll them in flour. Fry the SEITAN slices in a pan until they are crisp and golden brown. Cut onions in stripes and roast them. Refine with soya sauce and/or water. Thicken with in butter roasted flour or diluted starch. Put the SEITAN slices in and stew for a short time. Prepare the meal with crispy onions. Serve with small spelt dumplings or potatoes.

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SEITAN strips stewed with mushrooms

Stew SEITAN strips with cut mushrooms and green onions. Sprinkle spelt flour on it. Refine with soya sauce deluted with water (ca. 3:1) and pepper. Complete with sour creme and minced parsley. Serve the meal with dumplings or tomato rice.

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Parmesan SEITAN

Cut SEITAN in thin slices. Sprinkle with flour. Then dip into beaten eggs with Parmesan. Then fry in butter or margarine until it looks golden. Serve on spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil.

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SEITAN cutlet

Cut SEITAN in thin slices (approximately 7 mm). Sprinkle flour on them. Pull through beaten eggs and slightly press on breadcrumbs. Fry in hot vegetable oil until it looks golden. Serve with lemon.
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SEITAN goulash

Cut SEITAN in 2-cm-cubes and spread them over an oiled baking tray. Drop some oil on them and fry in an oven until the surface looks crisp and dry. Fry some cut onions until looking light brown. Add tomato puree and some flour and continue frying for a short time. Refine with paprika and (some) vinegar and/or water, and cook for about thirty minutes. Additionally spice with minced caraway, marjoram, garlic and soya sauce and/or salt. (Soya sauce gives a brown colour and perfects the flavour). Add the SEITAN cubes and cook for about ten minutes until the goulash is ready.

If leaving tomato puree, vinegar, caraway and marjoram, you can refine with ground skin of a lemon and season it with sour cream. Serve with spelt dumplings.
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SEITAN salad

Cut SEITAN, onions, tomatoes, paprika and gherkins in thin slices. Put them into a marinade of aromatic vinegar, pumpkin seed oil or sesame oil, salt and pepper. Prepare on green lattice. Sprinkle fresh herbs on the meal.

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SEITAN sandwiches (warm)

Fry thin slices of SEITAN in sesame oil until they look golden. Halve a spelt or wholemeal roll and put green lattice, tomato and cucumber slices on the halves. Put the warm SEITAN on the prepared rolls, decorate the sandwich with tarragon mustard and green allium.
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